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Enjoy Free WiFi Network Access

Release the Internet, connect and share WiFi networks.

Unblock millions of WiFi networks around the world with Wayru WiFi

Become part of an online revolution.
free wifi

How does it work?

Find, connect and share networks.

Find networks
Open the map and find free WiFi networks near you. Recharge data watching ads and connect.
Following a few simple connection steps you will start browsing in seconds.
Share networks
Be part of the network's growth. Share WiFi networks and earn points for expanding the network.

Be part of a revolutionary community

With Wayru WiFi, you are part of a global community that loves the Internet and is changing the rules of the game.

"It has allowed me to continue with my studies."

The app has given me access to thousands of free WiFi networks, which has allowed me to continue my studies without any problems.


Pedro da Silva

🇧🇷 Brazil

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