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Take Notes with Style: Discover 5 Apps for Digital Note-Taking

Are you a student looking for an alternative to conventional notebooks and notes? Fortunately, for today's students, there are many devices to take notes in class and keep everything organized, whether using a cellphone, a tablet, or even a laptop. But what are the best note-taking apps? Here, we present you with some options.

ipad note taking


  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

  • Free and paid version.

GoodNotes banner

GoodNotes, a popular paid note-taking application, offers a variety of tools, including pens with customizable thickness and color options. Users can preset their favorite pen and enjoy different backgrounds, fills, and borders.

The intuitive interface allows for simultaneous navigation with the keyboard, making it easy to organize notes into folders and subfolders. The application also allows the creation of custom notebooks with sheets of different types and the ability to add PDF files, images, and other elements to the same document.


  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android tablets.

  • Free and paid versions.

Noteshelf is another popular note-taking app with a variety of brushes and highlighters, and the ability to save favorite fonts. It offers the option to automatically highlight text as a title or subtitle and allows functions such as text alignment, handwriting, and the creation of checklists.

Unlike GoodNotes, it does not allow navigation with the open keyboard, but its interface is simpler and allows the creation of folders (without subfolders). The app also facilitates recording audio notes, searching and modifying handwritten notes, as well as writing on PDF documents and other formats.


  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

  • Free and paid version.

Notability banner

Notability, like other mentioned applications, provides various pens with different sizes and colors, allowing you to save up to three favorite fonts. It offers different paper backgrounds to enhance the appearance of the texts. The distinction lies in its ability to organize notes through sections and separators, facilitating the inclusion of multiple sections.

Additionally, it allows adding voice notes and offers a faster interface than Noteshelf when switching between tabs. Unlike Noteshelf, page scrolling is done vertically, either upward or downward.

Samsung Notes

  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • Free App.

Samsung Notes banner

For Samsung device users, Samsung Notes provides an integrated solution for note-taking. With its user-friendly interface and the ability to sync notes across other Samsung devices, this application is a convenient choice for those seeking a note-taking experience that seamlessly integrates with their Samsung ecosystem.


  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows.

  • Free and paid versions.

Xodo banner

When it comes to working with PDF documents, Xodo shines with its annotation and editing capabilities. It allows you to highlight, underline, and add comments directly to PDF files. With collaboration features and cloud synchronization, Xodo positions itself as a versatile application for those who frequently work with PDF documents.

While many of these applications can function in offline mode, the true potential of these tools is unlocked when you are connected. Accessing the Internet allows you to sync, save, and easily share your notes. This is where Wayru WiFi comes into play.

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