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Share Your WiFi Securely Without Revealing Your Password

One of the most common concerns when having guests at home is how to provide them access to your WiFi network without sharing your password. The security of your network is paramount, and that’s why Wayru WiFi offers a secure and convenient solution for sharing your WiFi with family and friends without revealing your password.

Step 1: Download Wayru WiFi

First, make sure you have the Wayru WiFi app installed on your mobile device. You can download it for free from your device’s app store.

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Step 2: Open Wayru WiFi and Create an Account

Once you have downloaded the app, open it and create an account. Upon accessing the app, you will find a button that says “Add WiFi”

Step 3: Share Your WiFi Network

Click on “Add WiFi” and follow the steps. The app will ask if the network is from your home or a public place. Select that it is from your home, fill in the required fields, and click on “share”. The app will encrypt your password and never show it to anyone.

Step 4: Invite Your Friends and Family to Connect

Once you have shared the network, your guests will need to have downloaded the app to find your home’s network within the Wayru WiFi map. By clicking on the network, the app will automatically connect them without showing the password.

Step 5: Receive Rewards for Sharing Your Network

For every person that connects to your WiFi network through Wayru WiFi, you will receive rewards. These rewards can be exchanged for various benefits within the app, allowing you to enjoy additional advantages for sharing your network securely.


With Wayru WiFi, sharing your WiFi network has never been so easy and secure. Protect your privacy and the security of your network while providing access to your loved ones.

Download Wayru WiFi and start sharing your network securely today!


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