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Meet the Team Behind Wayru WiFi

Wayru WiFi is much more than an app; it's a vision, a mission, and a commitment to democratizing Internet access. But who are the bright minds behind this innovative project? Today, we want to introduce you to a critical team member: Laura Vizcaíno, the woman who passionately and determinedly leads the telecommunications department at Wayru.

team wayru laura vizcaino

A Little About Laura

Laura is an electronic and telecommunications engineer. She has deep knowledge of telecommunications networks, GPON, wireless, and backbone and has Python, IT, and web development skills. She is certified in CCNA, CCNP, MTCNA, and MTCTCE and has experience setting up and managing Cisco and MikroTik devices.

In addition to her vast experience in telecommunications, Laura is enthusiastic about Blockchain and Web3 technology, exploring its application in telecommunications to enhance the security and decentralization of networks and Internet access.

Beyond her impressive resume, what truly defines her is her passion for the impact that her work can have on people's quality of life. She is a tech innovation enthusiast and always seeks to make her knowledge and skills significantly contribute to this field.

The Heart Behind the Innovation

At Wayru, we value her deep commitment to our mission and her passion for using technology to transform and enrich lives. For Laura, each technical endeavor contributes to meaningful societal progress.

From Wayru, we want to thank Laura Vizcaíno for her dedication and commitment to making our vision a reality.

If you want to learn more about Laura or the rest of the Wayru WiFi team, follow us and stay connected! In the coming weeks, we will introduce more profiles of our talented team. Until next time!


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