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How We Started with Wayru

Exactly a year ago, I traveled to Quito in search of what would become Wayru's first office. After considering several places, we decided on one that was perfect for our needs. Thus, what initially was just an office, turned into Casa Wayru: a combination of co-work, internet node, and most importantly, our first home.

Although opening an office might seem like a minor step, for Wayru, which began its operations in the middle of a pandemic, this physical space provided a vital meeting point for the team. Despite being a predominantly remote startup, having a physical place to turn to represented a sense of permanence and community.

The Idea

It all started with a vision from Charvel. Inspired by his telecommunications experience, he envisioned a decentralized Internet network, merging it with the advantages of blockchain technology. After drafting the first White Paper, Charvel shared his proposal with several people, including myself. I provided feedback and perspectives to strengthen the concept, which led him to invite me to join the team. Although I initially had reservations due to my limited knowledge of blockchain, I quickly grasped Wayru's immense potential.

After being accepted into an accelerator, the project gained momentum. Charvel and I worked tirelessly, refining and adjusting our proposal. Feedback from potential users gave us a clearer vision of where to head. And so, step by step, with the financial and technical support of allies and accelerators, Wayru grew.

The team expanded with the addition of Edward and later Diego, whose contribution to development has been invaluable. With four members working remotely, we started to build the first version of Wayru.

Raising funds to grow faster is a significant challenge, which led us to understand the importance of pushing beyond our limits. Our journey to the United States offered new opportunities otherwise unreachable. It is worth mentioning that Wayru has strong roots in an entirely Latin American team. Raising capital allowed us to incorporate extraordinary people into our team: Laura, Alejandro, Jael, Katy, and David. Without their contribution, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Team Wayru

The First Network

The MVP launch was a key milestone. With resources and a solid team, we established our first community network in Monte Sinai, Guayaquil, directly impacting a community in need. This network symbolizes Wayru's heart: bringing free Internet to those who need it most.

The MVP also provided valuable insights. We found ways to improve our interaction with our users. In response to these needs, Wayru WiFi was born.

Wayru WiFi is a mobile application that allows you to discover, connect, and share free WiFi networks around the world. But beyond being just a tool, Wayru WiFi is a movement. Our goal is to democratize Internet access, and for that, we rely on the collaboration and contributions of our global community.

So, as we commemorate the first anniversary in our Casa Wayru, it's not just a reflection of a physical space that has housed us, but also the beginning of a digital revolution. We are proud to announce the launch of our application, which already has millions of free WiFi networks around the world. All of this, thanks to an incredibly committed community that, like us, firmly believes in a fairer and more inclusive world.

Together, we continue to build connectivity bridges for everyone!


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