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Goodbye, WiFi Passwords! Hello Wayru App

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A world with Internet for All!

At Wayru, a startup formed by a team of 10 people, we believe in a world where access to information and connectivity are not privileges, but basic rights. Our mission is to democratize access to the Internet, but we can't do it alone. And that's where you come in.

Why we do it?

Ten years ago, the UN declared access to the Internet a human right. However, there are still almost 4 billion people worldwide who do not have access. In Latin America, approximately 400 million people lack connectivity, which translates to about 80 million homes.

Lack of connectivity limits access to education, employment, health services, and perpetuates poverty and inequality. At Wayru, we know how fundamental access to the Internet is for personal and professional development. Nothing we have achieved so far would have been possible without it. And we understand that we must share our good fortune, level the playing field, and empower people through connectivity.

How do we do it?

We created Wayru WiFi, an application that will allow you to discover, connect, and share free WiFi networks worldwide. But that's not all! We also reward everyone who participates. And here's where you come in. Not only can you connect for free to WiFi networks but you can also help expand coverage by adding your own WiFi networks and being rewarded for it.

Team Wayru

Today, we have thousands networks worldwide, and this has been possible thanks to people like us who believe in sharing with the community to generate significant changes in people's lives.

Mapa WiFi

How can you join?

The WiFi revolution is already here, and you are an integral part of it. By joining Wayru WiFi, not only will you get access to free WiFi, but you will also be changing the world, one network at a time. So don't hesitate, download the app, connect, share, and enjoy the freedom of an open WiFi world.

Welcome to Wayru WiFi. Welcome to the Internet revolution.

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