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Explore Wayru WiFi's Leaderboard

Wayru WiFi is not just an app; it's a vibrant community with a shared goal: democratizing Internet access. At the heart of this collaboration is our Leaderboard, a real-time window into our community's energy and engagement.

What is the Leaderboard?

Imagine a scenario where you can:

  • See your real-time position in our community.

  • Compare your achievements with other members.

  • Track your friends' activity within the app.

tablero de clasificaciones

This leaderboard not only displays your progress but also celebrates your contributions and encourages healthy competition.

Join the competition!

Within the Wayru WiFi community, collaborative spirit is rewarded at every step. Sharing and validating networks enhances the experience for everyone and rewards you. It's a true win-win! Additionally, by referring friends to the app, you allow them to connect globally and earn rewards yourself. Every contribution counts, every action earns points on the dashboard and strengthens our network.

Download Wayru WiFi today and join this vibrant community! Connect, share, and celebrate with fellow members as we work to make internet access a universal right.


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