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Earn Money While Helping Keep the Network Updated: Be a Validator for Wayru WiFi

The Validators of Wayru WiFi are the pillars of our network, ensuring that each access point is updated and accurate on the map. But what makes this role so essential and rewarding?

The Key Role of Validators in Wayru WiFi

Validators are not only the guardians of the accuracy and updates of our network map. They also perform tests to ensure that each access point has a strong and stable connection, enhancing the experience for all users.

Their work ranges from verifying the exact location of each network to assessing signal quality, resulting in a more reliable and accurate map for all Wayru WiFi users.

How Do You Earn Money as a Validator?

For each validation action they perform, Validators receive rewards. Their contribution to keeping the network updated and functional not only benefits the community but also provides them with the opportunity to earn additional income.

Each validation not only contributes to improving the network but also rewards the Validators' effort and commitment. This reflects the importance they have for us and their positive impact on the user experience.

Become a Validator Today!

If you're looking for an easy way to make money while contributing to keeping our network updated and reliable, join as a Validator on Wayru WiFi!

Download the app and start earning today, being a fundamental part of our community while earning rewards for your dedication and effort.


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