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Do you use Public WiFi? Learn How to Protect your Privacy with Wayru WiFi

If you're someone who prefers to connect to public WiFi networks to save mobile data, Wayru WiFi is the option you need to know about.

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Wayru WiFi provides you with free access to millions of WiFi networks at all times. Our community adds WiFi networks following strict security standards to ensure a safe experience while browsing at no cost.

However, in the digital world, security is paramount. That's why we offer you 5 key tips to stay protected when connecting to public WiFi networks. Your security is our priority.

5 Tips for Safe Browsing on Free WiFi Networks with Wayru WiFi

Avoid financial transactions

Never make payments or bank transfers through public WiFi networks. It's preferable to use a secure network to protect your information.

Check site security

When using public WiFi, make sure the website you're visiting has the HTTPS protocol or the padlock icon in the address bar. This ensures a secure connection and protects your information.

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Turn off WiFi when not needed

When you're done using a public WiFi network, turn off or disable WiFi on your device. This will prevent unwanted transmission of information and protect your privacy.

Disable File and Printer Sharing

When using public WiFi, make sure to disable the option for file or printer sharing to prevent unauthorized access to your device.

Update and Secure your Devices

Keep your operating system and security applications updated on your devices. Updates often include important fixes that protect against known security threats.

Remember, your security and privacy are our priority. Follow these tips to browse safely on public WiFi networks with Wayru WiFi.
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Download the app today and enjoy a secure and free connection anytime, anywhere!


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