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Discover Wayru WiFi: Your Free Global Connection

Have you ever wished to be able to connect to the Internet for free anywhere in the world? Wayru WiFi makes it possible for you! We have heard some questions from the community about our app, and we are here to answer them and help you make the most of this global connectivity experience.

What is Wayru WiFi?

Wayru WiFi is not just an app to find free WiFi networks; it is a global community united in a mission: democratizing access to the Internet. It is a platform where people from different corners of the world come together to connect, share, and validate WiFi networks, thus transforming connectivity into a collaborative experience.

Who can use Wayru WiFi?

Anyone with an Android phone version 11 or higher can download the app from the Google Play Store. iPhone users with iOS 14.0 or higher can also download Wayru WiFi from the App Store.

Why is Wayru WiFi free?

Wayru WiFi operates thanks to a community model and strategic collaborations. Our free service is sustained by the valuable contribution of users who share WiFi networks and through something we call "Ads for Good," small advertising inserts that users see when connecting.

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Our purpose is clear: to democratize access to the Internet for everyone, providing a participatory and gamified experience. We are committed to delivering an accessible connectivity solution that challenges established norms and benefits the global community.

Where can I find Wayru WiFi?

The app is available for download worldwide, both on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

How does Wayru WiFi work?

Wayru WiFi helps you access the Internet for free anywhere in the world.

Find nearby networks to connect to, monitor the connection status, add data to your account for free by watching short ads, and easily unlock access to the Internet at millions of WiFi hotspots worldwide.

How to get started? Simply download the app, open the WiFi Explorer, discover a multitude of free WiFi networks around you, follow the easy steps, and... you're ready to browse in seconds.


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