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Discover Wayru: Basic Concepts

Are you ready to be part of a digital revolution? Wayru WiFi is here to change how we view and experience internet access. But before diving into this sea of possibilities, here's a little guide to understanding what Wayru offers.
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What is Wayru WiFi?

Wayru WiFi is much more than a simple app. Imagine having the ability to connect to WiFi networks for free anywhere in the world. Would you like to earn data by simply interacting with ads? With Wayru, this and much more are possible. Our mission goes further: we want the internet to be a right, not a luxury.

Highlighted Features:

  • WiFi Explorer: Forget about asking for passwords. Find free WiFi access points wherever you go.

  • Leaderboard: Be part of an active community changing the world. Compete in a friendly manner and climb the ranking to earn prizes for your collaboration.

But there's more! Coming soon, you will benefit from Integrated eSIM for simple trips, Offline Explorer, which allows you to download a map of your destination with WiFi points without a connection, and a Secure VPN for fully protected and private browsing.

One Community, One Goal

With Wayru WiFi, you're not alone. We are a growing community that shares and benefits mutually. Contribute by sharing access points and seeing how others do the same for you. More than just users, we're collaborators for a more connected world!

Offline Explorer: Your Map Without Connection

We already mentioned it, but it's so good it's worth repeating. Coming soon, take WiFi access points in your pocket without needing to be connected!

Leaderboard: Where Do You Stand?

Wayru recognizes those who take their commitment to the next level. From validating and confirming network quality to sharing Wayru's vision with friends or contributing multiple access points, we have special rewards for you.

Join in, add gigabytes, and watch how you climb the ranking!

Ready to be part of this adventure? Wayru WiFi gives you access and invites you to be an active part of a global movement towards a more inclusive and fair internet.

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Download our app today and discover everything we can achieve together.


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