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Discover the New Free WiFi Networks on Wayru WiFi!

Every day, we are getting closer to our goal at Wayru WiFi: making Internet access a right for everyone. Each advancement, every improvement, and every new connection brings us closer to a world where connectivity is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

Let's celebrate together this significant achievement! We now have 5 million available WiFi networks! Each of these networks is a window of opportunity to information, education, and limitless possibilities.

These achievements wouldn't be possible without you, our valuable community. You are the ones who not only connect to the networks but also actively validate and share new WiFi connections, expanding our reach even further.

And there's more good news to share: We've reached a community of over 9 thousand people! This number inspires us to keep moving forward, working tirelessly to democratize access to the Internet.

persona usando la app Wayru WiFi

Want to know who's leading our leaderboard?

Come and discover it yourself! Access the app and meet the most active and committed members of our community.

Remember, this is not just about leadership or statistics; this is being part of a global movement that is transforming connectivity. We are changing the world, one network at a time, and we invite you to join this revolution!

If you're not part of it yet, we invite you to do so. Whether by sharing a network, connecting, or validating WiFi networks, together we are building a more connected future.

Download Wayru WiFi today and discover what we can achieve together!


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