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Discover How to Stay Connected on The Go with Wayru WiFi

If you're like us and prefer to save on mobile data by connecting to public WiFi networks, Wayru WiFi is your best ally. This amazing application helps you locate and connect to free WiFi networks in different places around the world, becoming your digital compass to find internet access without spending on mobile data.

Here we tell you everything!

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How does it work? It's super easy:

  1. Download Wayru WiFi: Simply download Wayru WiFi and open the app on your device. Create an account and grant access to your location. But don't worry! It asks for your location to offer you accurate suggestions of WiFi networks nearby.

  2. Explore the map: You'll see an interactive map filled with points representing WiFi networks. These points will guide you to the connectivity you need!

  3. Get details: By clicking on a network within the map, you'll see more information such as the network name, signal strength, when it was last used, and much more.

  4. Connect: Once you find the nearest network to you, it's time to connect. By clicking "Connect," we'll show you a small advertisement and you're good to go. Happy browsing!

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It's important to consider some security considerations when using Wayru WiFi:

  • Whenever possible, choose networks with WPA2 or WPA3 encryption, as they are more secure than open networks.

  • Avoid conducting sensitive transactions, such as banking operations or purchases, over public WiFi networks, as they may not be completely secure.

Wayru WiFi makes the task of finding reliable WiFi networks simple and convenient, providing you with the connectivity you need while on the go.

Download Wayru WiFi and enjoy free internet wherever you go!


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