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Connecting to the World: Our New Adventure with Network Validators

Greetings to our amazing Wayru WiFi community! We're excited to share thrilling news: Network Validators are here to revolutionize how we build and maintain our WiFi network!

What are our Network Validators?

The Network Validators represent an exciting opportunity for you to integrate into our journey actively. Each WiFi network added to our map requires validation, and we trust fully in you, our incredible community, to collaborate in expanding and maintaining our network.

Your Key Roles as a Network Validator:

1. Location Testing:

  • Use our app to verify the precise locations of our access points. Your help ensures our network map is as accurate as possible.

2. Connection Testing:

  • Participate in tests to verify active internet connections and strong WiFi signals, ensuring reliable internet access for all.

3. Coverage Testing:

  • Join coverage tests to help us accurately map the reach of our network, reaching where it's needed most.

4. Speed Tests:

  • Contribute to improving our network's performance through speed tests. We want everyone to enjoy a fast and smooth connection.

5. Unusual Activity Reporting:

  • You're our first line of defense. Report any unusual activity to help us maintain a safe environment for everyone.

6. Connectivity Needs Suggestions:

  • Know areas that need more connectivity? We want to hear it. Your opinion influences our strategic expansion.

We value every effort you contribute. As a token of appreciation, we offer rewards.

By becoming a Network Validator, you actively contribute to building a more accessible and inclusive digital world. Your contribution not only benefits our network but also positively impacts entire communities by improving connectivity.

At Wayru WiFi, we're creating a new era of community collaboration in the WiFi network world. Join us and help shape the future of digital connectivity! 🌐🚀


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