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Are WiFi Networks at Wayru WiFi Secure?

Security when using public networks is a priority. At Wayru WiFi, we understand how essential it is to protect your privacy and security while connecting to our networks. Here we explain how to stay safe on our platform.

At Wayru WiFi, we offer two types of networks: shared WiFi networks and access points with our firmware, providing an additional layer of security.

How do we protect the networks shared by the community?

  1. Password Encryption: The passwords for Wayru networks are encrypted, preventing direct access to them and reducing certain types of attacks.

  2. Constant Updates: We continuously validate and renew the networks to ensure their reliability.

  3. Privacy Priority: We do not request personal data to connect, reducing the exposure of your information.

  4. Alert Community: We have dedicated users who quickly report any anomalies in the WiFi points.

Remember: The security of each WiFi connection depends on the settings established by its owner. It's important to note that, even with these measures, there is always the risk of "man-in-the-middle" attacks, where a user within the same network might attempt to intercept traffic. It's always advisable to use a VPN when sharing or accessing sensitive data during browsing.

How do we guarantee security with WayruOS?

The access points shared with our firmware are extremely secure. Our operating system, WayruOS, ensures shared access points with robust firmware. It uses solid protocols and separates user traffic, private networks, and access point management through encrypted tunnels, providing comprehensive protection for your network.

To further strengthen your security, here are some additional tips:

  1. Use Two-Factor Authentication: Enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your accounts.

  2. Turn off Auto-Connect: Prevent your device from automatically connecting to open WiFi networks. This gives you greater control over which networks you use.

  3. Set Your Network as Public: When connecting to an open network, set your connection as "Public" in your device's network settings. This reduces the visibility of your device on the network.

  4. Avoid Sensitive Transactions: Avoid conducting financial transactions or sharing sensitive information while connected to open WiFi networks, as they could be vulnerable to interceptions.

  5. VPN (Virtual Private Network): Consider using a VPN to encrypt your data while connecting to open networks. This adds another layer of security to your information.

At Wayru WiFi, we strive to provide a secure environment. Stay vigilant and take additional precautions to ensure safe browsing at all times.

Become a Validator at Wayru WiFi and contribute to the network's security while earning rewards. Download the app today and earn rewards for validating WiFi networks.


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