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Alert: New WiFi networks available!

At Wayru WiFi, every day is an opportunity to move closer to our vision of democratizing Internet access. Every update, every improvement, and every new connection represents a step toward a world where connectivity is a right, not a luxury.

We're excited to share some of the latest milestones that have brought us closer to that goal.

We celebrate a monumental achievement this week: one thousand new networks have joined Latin America! These networks symbolize an open door, a bridge to information, education, and opportunities. But beyond the numbers lies the essence of who we are: a community. This week, 200 more people chose to join our cause, and each new member strengthened our commitment and ability to impact more and more people positively.

Curious about who's leading our leaderboard? We challenge you to find out! Enter the app and discover who our community's most active and committed members are.

But remember, it's not just about numbers or leadership. It's about being part of a global movement that's transforming connectivity. We're changing the world one network at a time, and you can be part of this change.

Imagine having the freedom to connect for free to millions of WiFi networks worldwide - it's a reality with Wayru WiFi!

So, if you still need to, join us. Whether by sharing a network, connecting, or simply being part of our community, we are creating a more connected future.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and for being part of the change the world needs!


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