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A Journey Through the History and Culture of the Internet: The First Viral Videos

If you're like us, you've probably spent hours (let's face it, days!) browsing YouTube, watching everything from makeup tutorials to compilations of cats scared by cucumbers. But have you ever wondered what went viral before the YouTube era? Join us in this digital culture flashback!

The first viral video on the internet

"Bad Day," is one of those videos that inadvertently forged a new era for internet culture. Filmed in 1997, it shows an office worker, visibly frustrated, who smashes and destroys his computer after a series of unfortunate events. Even though it's only 25 seconds long, this video perfectly captured those moments of stress and despair we've all felt facing technology.

The video spread quickly through offices worldwide via email, becoming a viral sensation before "viral" became today's buzzword.

Many don't know that "Bad Day" was a staged recording created by the company Loronix Information Systems to demonstrate their office surveillance software. But what started as a technical demo turned into the video that would define a generation and lay the groundwork for the world of internet virals.

Star Wars Kid

Star Wars Kid is one of the first viral phenomena that conquered the internet. The video shows a teenager, Ghyslain Raza, enthusiastically swinging a stick like a Star Wars lightsaber in an improvised combat sequence.

Although it was recorded privately without intent to go public, the clip was discovered and massively shared online in 2003, making Ghyslain an iconic figure of early digital culture. Despite the teasing and challenges he faced due to his unwanted fame, the "Star Wars Kid" represents online content's unexpected and often unpredictable power.


Now, diving into YouTube, did you know that the first video uploaded to this platform is titled "Me at the Zoo"? Yes! Uploaded on April 23, 2005, by Jawed Karim, one of YouTube's co-founders, this 19-second video marked the start of the video content revolution.

You probably didn't know that the author updates the video's description whenever he disagrees with decisions made on YouTube.

This video takes us through a hilarious timeline of dance, from Elvis Presley to MC Hammer. With over 300 million views, "The Evolution of Dance" became a global phenomenon, showing how one person could capture the world's attention with a simple and fun idea.

The clip garnered 70 million views in less than 8 months. At that time, it was ranked on YouTube as:

  • #1 Most viewed video of all time on YouTube.

  • #1 Top-rated video on YouTube.

  • #3 Most commented video on YouTube.

The internet connects us with information, historical moments, and globally shared laughter. From viral content to tutorials, the magic of videos lies in their ability to bring us closer and make us feel part of something bigger.

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We hope you enjoyed this journey through time and virals! Stay connected for more explorations and curiosities in our upcoming chapters. See you soon!


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