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A journey through the history and culture of the Internet: A world in pictures

In the previous chapter, we delved into the origins of the Internet. Today, we'll dive into the world of GIFs and memes, those humorous and expressive capsules that enrich our online experience. Because the Internet without memes just isn't the same.

GIFs: 35 years of setting trends on the web

What is today an essential tool to convey emotions and tell stories began 35 years ago as a technical solution. While working at CompuServe, Stephen Wilhite, the father of the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), conceived it in response to the need to present images on the budding web in a lightweight and universal manner.

Initially, these images were static. But over time, especially with the contribution of Netscape in 1995, GIFs became animated, rapidly evolving into the Internet's first viral phenomenon. More than just a moving picture, the GIF became a powerful communication and expression tool.

Memes: The evolution of the cultural idea

The term "meme" was introduced by Richard Dawkins in 1976, long before the digital age. However, it has taken on a new meaning in the context of the Internet: humorously modified images, videos, or texts that spread rapidly. These often become humorous, critical, or satirical representations of everyday situations.

Some memes that have left a mark on internet culture include Success Kid, Pain Harold, and Disaster Girl. Memes not only entertain us but also reflect and sometimes influence popular culture.

The cultural impact of memes

Beyond making us laugh, memes have become a powerful tool for communicating ideas, influencing opinions, and occasionally inciting change. They represent a democratized form of content creation: everyone has a voice and can join the global conversation.

That's the magic of the Internet, and we want everyone to experience it.

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We hope you've enjoyed this visual and humorous journey through the Internet. Stay connected for more explorations and curiosities in our upcoming chapters. See you soon!


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