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5 things you didn't know Validators do at Wayru WiFi

Wayru WiFi is more than an app for finding free WiFi; it represents a global community dedicated to democratizing internet access. It's a platform where people from different places unite in the mission to make connectivity a collaborative and accessible experience for all.

Providing free internet access to communities is crucial, a vital step to bridge the digital divide and enable equitable opportunities for everyone. In this journey toward global connectivity, validators play an essential role.

Validators are active members of the Wayru WiFi community, committed individuals who delve into WiFi networks on the app's map, performing the vital task of verification. Their role is to keep the WiFi map updated, ensuring quality and functionality for all users.

validators at Wayru WiFi

These validators are key to the community. Their work not only helps connect more people to the Internet but also ensures the reliability and effectiveness of the service. The highlight is that these modern heroes are rewarded for their contribution: each validation translates into tangible rewards.

The Fundamental Role of Validators in Wayru WiFi

Here are five fundamental tasks they perform:

  1. Network Map Accuracy: Mark the exact location of access points on the map.

  2. Active Connection and Strong Signal: Conduct tests to ensure networks have a good connection and signal.

  3. Accurate Coverage Map: Participate in tests to measure the range of each access point, allowing for a more precise and representative map.

  4. Performance Improvement: Evaluate the speed of each network to provide relevant information to users.

  5. Network Security: Report any suspicious activity to maintain a safe and reliable environment for users and protect the reputation of Wayru WiFi.

Validators are the engine of Wayru WiFi: not only do they help keep our network up-to-date and functional, but they also earn rewards for every validation action they perform. For every check, validators earn rewards reflecting their commitment to the community and their effort to enhance the experience for all users.

Become a Validator, download Wayru WiFi, and earn today while making our network an even better place for everyone!


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